Bishop_AnyoloThe Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops is elected by the Plenary Assembly. He presides over all the Ordinary and Extra-ordinary Plenary Assemblies and also the Permanent Council of Bishops. He is the official spokesman of the Conference and represents the KCCB in all local and international forums either personally or by delegation. He is responsible for the continuity of the Conference’s activities, for the supervision of the work of the General Secretariat with the assistance of the Vice chairman- KCCB and for reports on the Permanent Council’s activities to the Plenary Assembly meetings.





The  Vice Chairman functions shall be to fill the office of the Chairman with all rights and duties when the Chairman himself is lawfully impeded.The Vice Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops is the Principal Administrator of the KCCB-General Secretariat.He gives Episcopal oversight,direction,monitors compliance,ensures inter-commission harmonisation,represent the Permanent Council of Bishops as the employer of the General Secretariat personnel in all staffing issues etc.




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