Dear Clergy, religious Men and Women, the laity Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,

May the peace of Christ be upon you!

Most Rev. Peter KairoI am delighted to present to you the material for the week of prayer for Christian Unity 2014. Every year the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches jointly prepare the materials for the week of prayer for Christian unity to be used for the promotion of Christian unity in our dioceses, parishes and places of worship.

This year, the focus is on the unity of the Christian religion as willed by Christ. Based on the Canada’s reality, the theme of this year exposes the division that exists among the Christian family and in the long run weakens the spirit of evangelization in the world today.

In our country division is experienced in many areas like partisan poli- tics, negative ethnicity, religious pluralism and denominations reality. Thus, St. Paul asks us the same question: Has Christ been divided in Kenya?

Dear friends,


I am writing to urge you to use this materials for your reflections though out the year, feel free to adapt it to your situations and if need be get more information from the web; www.oikoumene. org /

Please do invite different Christians who are living in your community or as neighbors to join you so that you can pray together and share the word of God during this period.


I wish you a fruitful prayer during this period even as we look forward to a full communion among the Christians.

Most Rev. Peter Kairo

Chairman, Commission for Ecumenism

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