Papal visit expected to unite Kenyans

By Rose Achiego of Waumini  Communications

The Catholic Church in Kenya reiterates high expectation and hopes that Pope Francis’ visit to the Country will be a unifying factor to a Nation that has experienced terror attacks, corruption, negative ethnicity and divisive politics in the recent past.

Addressing the media at the Catholic Secretariat on 16th, October, 2015, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops Chairman Rt. Rev. Philip Anyolo invited all Kenyans to take the papal visitation as a wonderful gift from God and to receive his Graces as the Vicar of Christ.

As far as the preparations to receive the Holy Father are concerned, Bishop Anyolo who is the Bishop of Homabay confirmed that all plans are underway and the Church through the steering committee for Papal visit together with the Government is looking into various aspects that compose the area of his reception to ensure there is adequate security and colorful celebration.

Speaking at the same time, Coordinator of the steering committee Rev. Dr. Stephen Okello revealed that the Holy Father will meet with the interreligious communities being the Muslims, Hindus, Traditionalists and leaders from mainstream Churches in an attempt to reduce radicalization and increase tolerance and mutual acceptance.

“He will meet the youth who are victims of recruitment, encourage them to direct their energy and enthusiasm to the right direction” He added.  

Fr. Okello also said that Pope Francis will meet the less privileged in the society from all the slams in Nairobi to be in solidarity with them and to send a strong message that “we should not abandon or ignore the poor people or enact policies that are detrimental to them.” He said.

In his itinerary the Successor of St.Peter will celebrate the Holy Mass where more than a million congregants from different parts of the Country and neighbouring Countries are expected to attend. During the Eucharistic celebration he is expected to deliver a message of encouragement and solidarity that would leave a memorable legacy of peace, reconciliation and healing, to counter the spirit of insecurity and effects of terrorism acts.

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