The meeting is expected to bring together 10,000 – 15,000 delegates. More than 150 nations will come together in faith and celebration. Nearly 100 renowned speakers are expected to present and facilitate conversation among delegates (including: Jewish, Mormon, Muslim and Protestant). The goal is to create a congress inclusive of people of all ages, all walks of life, all cultures and even other faiths in order to reaffirm the importance of the family and strengthen its bonds on a global scale. The congress will offer:

  • A youth congress for  ages 6 – 17
  • A Licensed day care for children under the age of 6
  • The adult congress for ages 18 and above


  1. 1.  2015 Congress Theme

“Love is our mission: the family fully alive”


  1. 2.  Family issues to be addressed
  • Family and poverty
  • Family and addiction
  • Family and children with disabilities
  • The loss of a spouse
  • The effect of divorce and co-parenting
  • Health and wellness as building blocks to preserving the family
  • Creating real intimacy between husband and wife,
  • The challenge of raising children
  • The role of grandparents
  • The parish as a support community for families
  • Neuralgic sexual issues


  1. 3.  Venue

Pennsylvania Convention Centre USA in Philadelphia


  1. 4.  Duration

22nd – 25th September, 2015


  1. 5.  Eligibility

Registration is open to all interested: individuals, families, groups, organizations


  1. 6.  Registration

For individuals and families register via 

  1. 7.  Booking of hotel rooms

Multiple registration and pricing options are available.


  1. 8.  Registration hotels and travel packages

Through see attached information. Relevant application forms and a hotel grind for information on the hotels that are included in the world meeting of families housing block are also provided


  1. 9.  Registrants seeking local host families

Through via


  1. 10.       Visa information

Contact local embassy and see international travel page on the world meeting of families’ website. Visa application procedures


  1. 11.       Letters of invitation to the meeting



  1. 12.       Preparation, personal documents e.g.
  • Valid Passport
  • Photos etc. with detailed information


  1. 13.       Further information on the 8th World Meeting


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Twitter [ @WMF2015] (@WMF 2015 ES)

Instagram (WMF 2015)


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