Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in Unity (Psalms 133:1)

We the leaders of the Mainstream Christian Churches in Kenya  comprising of the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Africa, Methodist Church in Kenya, Africa Inland Church and  National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), have taken stock of the State of the Nation and reflected deeply on the direction our Country is taking.

We have watched in recent days as politicians who promised and swore that  never again would Kenya walk the sad road of ethnic violence of  2007/2008,   move around inciting Kenyans against one another and causing unecessary tensions. Elected and appointed leaders must make a distinction between politics and statesmanship; while the former pursues short term self- gratifying interests the latter strives for long term vision for the Country.

It grieves to helplessly witness the spate of insecurity undergo a metamorphosis from the awakening of outlawed militia  groups, to infiltration of illegal immigrants, to radical religious insurgents and blatant terrorist attacks. The situation has spiralled to affect other key industries in the Country including tourism, trade and international relations.

As shepherds of the flock of Christ,we are holding meetings with  all leaders to seek solutions to the problems affecting Kenyans.

We therefore make the following message  to Kenyans;

  1. We send our deepest condolences to the families, friends and relatives of those who were killed in the recent attacks in Mpeketoni, Baringo and other affected parts of the country. While we understand that no compensation can bring back their loved ones to life, we urge the government and other people of good to assist the families cater for hospital and funeral bills and other humanitarian needs.
  2. We urge the government to ensure that those responsible for criminal and terror attacks are arrested and prosecuted. In the absence of satisfactory action, top security agents should be tasked to fulfill their mandate of providing security satisfactorily to the people of Kenya.
  3. We call upon   the President and the leader of CORD to call off    all political rallies, meetings and demonstrations unconditionally and indefinitely.
  4. We are aware of the challenges the Country is facing among them aforementioned insecurity, rising cost of living, unemployment, corruption, drugs and substance abuse among others. We therefore appeal for an all- inclusive dialogue through the available county and national government channels in an amicable and respectful manner. The calls for meaningful dialogue should be devoid of threats and ultimatums.

We call upon all Kenyans;

  • To cease from spreading rumours, incitement and inflammatory and derogatory  remarks of any kind that may spiral to ethnic violence  due to the  volatile atmosphere .  The name calling, and ethnic profiling on social media and other public places should stop.
  • To obey the the rule of law, respect and uphold the Constitution of Kenya and all its instituions.
  • To exercise patriotism and seek to uphold national unity for the sake of development and the well-being of all. With the political, social, economic, religious  and any other differences amongst us, we should acknowledge that we are united by one country- Kenya.

As leaders of the mainstream churches in Kenya, we shall not allow our churches and religious functions to be platforms for peddling inflammatory remarks, abuse and disharmony.


We write this statement with heavy hearts, but in full reliance and courage from God whom we serve. We believe He will grant us peace and tranquility in this our beloved Country.

Kenya our land which we received back at independence is precious to us. This land we treasure is not simply ours alone to do whatever we desire. We are stewards who hold the land in trust from God for the benefit of future generations. Thus, it must be cared for and its wealth carefully stewarded for the benefit of all.

God Bless Kenya and Protect Us All!


  Name Christian Organization  
His Eminence, John Cardinal Njue Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops
The Most Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala Anglican Church of Kenya
Rev. Silas Yego Africa Inland Church
Rt. Rev. Joseph Ntombura Methodist Church in Kenya
Rt. Rev. David Riitho Gathanju Presbyterian Church of East Africa
Rev. Dr. Charles Kibicho National Council of Churches of Kenya

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