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By Rose Achiego of Waumini  Communications

As Kenyans prepare to receive the Holy Father into the Country, Waumini News Today interviewed some of the faithfuls on what issues they would like him to address.
Below are some of the appeals, wishes and encouragement to Pope Francis.   
Felix: The family is under threat, kindly promote a strong family, quoting Catholic Men Association slogan “good family good Church, good Church good society.”
Simiyu: Pray for the Country for peace and tranquility to prevail.
Pascal: Deliver a message of peace, encourage religious tolerance and mutual acceptance.
Virginia: Pray for me Holy Father, pray for the sick as well as the entire Country. I am waiting for your blessings and graces as you visit Kenya.
Rose: We are truly privileged and blessed to host you in November. We appreciate your acceptance to come to Kenya and pray for you so that you may be able to lead us to the right path. Kindly pray for the families to come back to the sacrament of Eucharist as many are aloof.   
David: Remember the young families who are struggling to understand themselves amidst all sorts of pressure, some of them feel disconnected and neglected with no place in the Church movements.
Hellen: I am excited that you are coming to Africa and Kenya as the first place to visit; it is truly an honor that should not be taken for granted. I appreciate your willingness to come over and request for your blessings. Pray for us and bless our Country so that we may have lasting peace.
I admire your humility and style of leadership. I pray that our leaders may be able to emulate you to make the world a better place to live in. As you come to Kenya, please address the issues of refugees and immigrants.
Roselyn: Pray for the families and the youth to be able to understand and practice the social teachings of the Catholic Church.
Kaburia: Many people are giving up on families due to numerous challenges facing the institution in which the Church is founded, kindly pray for the families since without it there is no Church.
Bernard: I need your Holy kisses, blessings and a Rosary if possible.
Margaret:  Pray for the families and the youth to stay away from negative influence and drug abuse.
Olweyo: Help the youth to stay committed to Christ even with the changing trends for they are the future Church.
Linus: Address the ills in the Church and Governments and help us understand “The Year of Mercy.” We request that you visit us more often and that the Beatification of The Servant of God Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga be conducted in Kenya.
Florence: Receive greetings and much appreciation for accepting to visit Kenya. When you come, kindly address issues of corruption, tribalism, terrorism and encourage our political leaders to preach peace and unity instead of divisive politics. Pray for the leaders to be prayerful and geared towards development of the Nation.
Anthony: Pray for the vocations, consecrated men and women to remain true to their calling.
Francis: As Vicar of Christ and successor of St. Peter pray for Kenya to overcome the many social ills facing her. Please dedicate prayer days with each day asking the entire world to pray for a specific intention for God to grant us Peace and Justice.
John: The moral fabric of the society is being eroded by practices that contravene the social teaching of the Catholic Church.  Being the voice of reason, kindly advocate against such practices being, the use of contraceptives, abortion, homosexuality and others that are pushed by people whose intentions are to make money at the expense of others.
Dan: The pressure and concerted efforts for multinationals to accept ideas that destroy the family is too much and the very existence of the family is under threat. Although the campaign is heightened, I believe the Church through you can bring it down.
Beth: I am inspired by your humility; I wish all leaders in all leadership positions could emulate you by putting God and the needs of the less fortunate in the society first. You are an inspiration to many!!

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