Most Rev. Zacchaeus OkothIn Week 1 we shall discus how we manage and utilise natural resources for the common good. This is important because Kenya continues to discover carbon deposits that can be either a blessing or a curse. If we are united we can compel those in leadership to turn these resources into blessing that all of us can enjoy the benefits of these discoveries.

This year, Pope Francis has called a special synod on the family. He wants the synod to examine the pastoral challenges experienced by families. The topic for Week 2 is family and faith. The institution of the family is continuously being challenged.

In Kenya we have seen proposed laws touching on family and marriages presented in parliament that do not take into account both the African and Christian values. In our discussions, we must look for ways we can fight this monster that has come to destroy the family. We need to have a unity of purpose for us to address this challenge.

We shall discuss more about unity and peace in Week 3. Let us look for ways we can foster unity within the borders of our beautiful country. We must get rid of greed and hatred for us to enjoy this unity. Let us also remember true peace comes only when there is justice for all.

In Week 4 we shall dwell on the subject of good governance. We still find a lot of gaps in the way our country, political parties, institutions are being governed. Good governance is important for any prosperity and development. But for us to effectively address the issue of governance, we must interrogate how our homes are governed and how we adhere to principles of good governance in the Church. This will give us the moral authority to question others.

People must be involved in the devolved governance, which is our topic of discussion in Week 5. We have seen that there is temptation for some people to want to enrich themselves in any available occasion. The Church encourages Christ’s faithful to participate in the electoral processes and to advocate for accountability and transparency in the way public utilities are used. This Lent should be an opportunity for us to fast for unity in Kenya.

It must be a unity of purpose where every single Kenyan will be respected and treated with dignity.

I wish you a blessed Lent The

Most Rev. Zacchaeus Okoth

Archbishop of Kisumu Chairman,

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission

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