“For Love of our country, work for peace and unity”

We, the Catholic Bishops of Kenya, meeting at the Bishop Stam Pastoral and Animation Centre, issues that concern all of us, for a peaceful and God loving Nation.

Aware that in the past press releases we have addressed you on a range of issues that affect us directly, we still feel the obligation to raise our voice and call to your attention on those that are of immediate concern. Grateful of the efforts that have been made so far and aware of the progress achieved in several areas, we are however fully conscious of the enormous task still ahead and the call for individual, collective and committed responsibility on the part of each Kenyan to join hands together and build a peaceful Kenya.

Kenya is a country that is blessed in so many ways. Despite the challenges the country has faced since independence, we are grateful that we have come this far. It is only fair that we pause to think of where we have come from and where we are going. Click KCCB PRESS RELEASE NOV 2016 to read full statement.